Asavari Music Retreat

Indian Classical, Temple Music, Jazz and Sufi

Asavari Music Retreat

Music is a combination of melodies and rhythms, working towards soothing the mind and soul.

Asavari Music Retreat is an innovative platform with new ways of learning and listening to Indian Classical, Sufi, Folk and Jazz Music in it’s purest form at Historical Hotels as a venue and led by Music Maestros.

This year’s edition of Asavari Music Retreat will be be led by Ustad Shujaat Khan held at Historical Location and dates to be announce by second week of August 2017
Come and be a part of this experience for few days to evolve and engage into sublime art form, at the same time express ideas, emotions, share stories and life lessons with each other; bonding through instruments.
An initiative by Nupur and Manish Purohit.


Submerge yourself within the aura of Asavari and use your instrument and voice that connects to your soul.


Join the process of learning through a series of discussions, workshops and practice sessions


Relax yourself let the positivity seep in and sooth your ears, gain inspiration by watching the maestro perform.


As, the sojourn concludes with memories and a select circle of acquaintances, who will further aid and enhance your musical journey ahead.